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Probably a semi-bias opinion, but I'm going to say NTU Biz > NUS Biz. (:

They both have their respective pros & cons, but I don't see the point of pursuing a 4 yr honors degree when you can take a 3 yrs one.

I'm not sure about private sector, but public sector recognizes NTU Biz's 3 yrs honors degree as equivalent to NUS Biz's 4 yrs honors degree on the payscale.

Regarding S/U, I don't know how it works either but NTU Biz has everyone scoring B+ on average anyway.
I agree with you that if your sole purpose is to graduate fast with a local biz degree... NTU seems like the the better choice. This is very suitable for JC students.. whereas in my case, from poly, i get 0.5 year automatic exemption... so it becomes less obvious at 3.5 years. With this, I had to weigh other factors before making my decision
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