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Will be flying to KIX on wednesday morning with my friend for a short 4 and a half nights. Will be staying in Sheraton Osaka and doing day trips to Kobe and Kyoto. I'm guessing a Kansai Through Pass would be beneficial? I also do have an ICOCA as a backup. Will get an ICOCA for him as well.

may not be worth it. at 5200yen for 3 days, it is about 1733yen a day.

KIX-Osaka:1190yen on JR Kansai airport rapid service
Osaka-Kobe-Osaka: 2 x 410yen on JR
Osaka-Kyoto-Osaka: 2 x 560yen on JR
u are unlikely to utilise 1733yen worth of travel unless u are making a lot of trips within the city within the day
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