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Evilerniex, I have not booked the flight yet because we just decided on a 5d4n trip after catering for everyone's schedule. Not possible to extend further because we are flying out to US after that. But we will be booking the flight tix soon (waiting for Feb promo maybe. Prices seem to be quite high now without much promo). Looking at the flight timing currently, there's a flight by Ana that can reach tokyo at around 8am+ in the morning. Departure timing depends on which flight we choose. I am looking at 5pm+ or 7pm+ to maximise my stay in jp possibly.

I look up online for hakone free pass. Let's say I draft my itinerary this way:

Day 1 - go straight to hakone and take the romance train. Use the free hakone pass to do the loop trip around hakone (I wonder is there anyway to transport the luggage to the ryoken first) Stay overnight at hakone ryoken (would really like to experience the overnight stay with plus the onsen and yukata experience)

Day 2 - go fuji 5 lake to view Mt fuji (not sure how much time needed here. Leave for tokyo after that?

Day 3-5 - see see walk walk around tokyo and depart for US around late noon or evening time (probably got 2.5 days here?)

Does the plan above sounds ok? Sorry for asking so many noob qs..

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