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Rgding the Hakone Free Pass, is it better to buy at Shinjuku Station to travel to Hakone?

Cos I am keep seeing abt the Romance train, but am unsure if this train can be taken with the Hakone Free pass.
If buy from Shinjuku, is more ex bcos it includes the Romance train ride from Shinjuku to Hakone Yumoto.

However, if you got JR pass, take Shinkansen to Odawara then buy the Hakone Free Pass there, cheaper.

Hi saffronsatire, thanks for the suggested ryoken. I will look into that. But if I opt for the locker, where is that located and how much is the fee? The locker is good for full size luggage?

Btw,anyone here knows how long it takes to complete the entire hakone free pass loop?
Hopefully, your luggage is not too big, the mid and large sized lockers not so many (click on 7, 21, 30, 31). Else, there is a Hakone Baggage Service (click on 8) and Baggage storage desk (click on 10).

If you're just doing the loop and don't deviate to other attractions in the same area, <5-6 hrs including lunch should be sufficient.
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