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Dear all,

need some advise here. I booked a double room at Daiwa roynet Tokyo Akabane through since it was on offer ($108/room/night, considered cheap right?).

when i saw the booking form, it shows max occupancy one pax. The website also shows max 1 person occupancy in the room, but when i see the specifications, it shows that it has quite a large bed and the room size is bigger than the normal 12/13 m2. So, can the double room accommodate 2 people??

did u book it as a 1 person room or a 2 person room?
it could be the same room, but the price will be different for 1 person and 2 person.
if u book it as 1 person room, unfortunately u can only have 1 person. dun try to smuggle in a 2nd person coz japan is quite strict about this.
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