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What if I break my bond?

During my time at NIE, I knew 3 people who broke their bond. If you think about breaking your bond, please think 10 times over. Once you break your bond, you will need to repay back the course fees of the courses you have completed and the salary that has been given to you. It's pro-rated. So if you break your bond during year 1, it's a lesser amount to pay back then say, breaking your bond in year 3.

If you finish your training and decided to break your bond during the first year of working, you will need to pay the full course fees + what ever salary you was given during your training. Again, Pro-rated, so breaking the bond during your first year of work is higher VS breaking your bond that only has 6 months left.
From the way you talk can tell that you only work for 4 years.

Anyway, the above bolded statements seem to contradict one another.
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