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Hi saffronsatire, your suggestion of shifting hakone to day 2-3 sounds like a plan too. Because I did have a slight concern about doing the hakone tour immediately after touch down, especially after a long distance flight. Somemore need to travel another 2 hrs up to hakone. Not sure if I have the energy to do a full day tour after that. So I should just book 1 night at tokyo, check out the next day and leave my luggage at the tokyo hotel overnight and go to hakone with an overnight bag? After the hakone trip check in back to the same tokyo hotel and take back my luggage? But is it safe to just leave my luggage overnight there for 2 days?
shld be safe.. i have done it many times.
some hotels will tied up ur luggage and give u a key tag which u use when collecting back ur luggage, so other ppl cannot anyhow claim ur luggage
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