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Hi nyvrem,

Super informative thread!

If you can choose to teach between primary and secondary school level, which would you pick?

I am assuming that the primary level is easier to work with, due to the less taxing curriculum, which means less overall at work, but I may be sprouting ignorant nonsense

don't think that ! primary level also got alot of sai kang to do. and you'd be surprised but secondary level also got alot of parents that act like primary school parents. every other week email/call you to ask for update on their child.

my suggestion is for you to go intern at both primary and secondary schools to see what suits your taste. go to a neighborhood school. you'll see alot of 'problem' kids come from broken families ; they really need alot of help and support from you (the teacher) and counselors/social workers. see if you are cut out for it. both pri and sec schools have these 'problem' kids.

Trust me ~ I'm a quitter (:
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