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I think evilernie's friend must have been suspicious ie 2ppl enter a single room at one time, or two ppl registering at the counter, at a low tourist season, and behaving suspiciously. I'm sure many ppl have sneaked more than allowed ppl into the room! Sounds like saffronsatire has experience in that! ^^
Haha I never tried before! :X Cos sometimes those "double" room (more like single room to me) are sold as a room for 2 pax already. Imagine trying to squeeze 2 pax inside the single-single room.

But my cousin told me last time she, her bf and bf sister, 3 pax but they only book room for 2 pax. So even at a ryokan, they never book with meal plan cos later kena expose. But really very squeezy when 3 of them shared a bed at Washington Shinjuku.
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