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1) can I know how to go to nabana no sato from Nagoya?? I plan to take shinkansen from Osaka to Nagoya, and from there take train to JR nagashima or kinetsu nagashima station? which is more suitable (JR or kinetsu) cos I heard that there is a shuttle bus from kinetsu station.. Is it feasible to take to JR nagashima and walk to kinetsu nagashima instead? I wont want to get lost there

And for the shuttle bus at kinetsu nagashima station, when do I alight at or does the bus only stop at the nabana no sato area?

2) Im also intending to go to odaiba when I arrive in Tokyo.... do ur recommend taking the water boat or by the monorail? And the main attraction at odaiba is shopping? I heard that the rainbow bridge have a passage way that allows tourist to take a stroll there right? is it recommended?


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