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Yup yup, but if the hotel very big, like few hundred rooms, really can remember every guest, especially since the staff are on rotational shift? That time i stayed at Shinagawa Prince the reception is on 2nd floor but can take lift straight from 1st floor to room level.

Moreover, some ppl may look different from their passport photo if they take those makeover type. very vigilant leh.

Yup yup, just book 1 night, then check-out on 2nd day (leave your luggage with them) and come back to check-in on the 4th day (or to retrieve your luggage if you're staying at another hotel - some hotels allow).

I think Japan quite safe, just don't leave any valuables in your luggage.

Thanks for the info saffronsatire and evilerniex! Both of u have been really helpful in sharing your knowledge towards my trip planning. At least i have some rough idea on where and how to plan for the trip. Once i confirmed on my flight tix (probably next month) and draft up the full itinerary, i will probably ask u guys on the feedback again
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