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"majority of engineering/science/IT students can do it too"

This means a majority can do it. Meaning they can score on par with the average biz/humanities student, which means getting a B.

"and sometimes do it better too."

This is where the 15% comes in. Some of the majority, can do it better, getting an A-, which is ahead of the curve.

Maybe I'm wrong, my stats are purely anecdotal from how I see my own peers and friends perform. You really should brush up on your language though.
lol no doubt other students from diff fields of studies MAY be able to do well in business. since to be honest.. our mathematical/analytical modules are quite simple for other faculties. Then again, quite a number of modules in business is a lot of fluff... which some more "technical" students may not have. have to be really outspoken and purposely participate like 30% component. it is all an act lolol
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