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Hihi.. planning our 1st trip to Japan.. its a 16 days trip from 16 dec to 1 jan.. 2 adults and 2 children (6 & 9 yo).. need some help to get started on our itinerary..

Day 1 will reach narita airport at 9am.. I'm intending to go nagano to see snow monkey.. but accommodation is pretty expensive in that area for 4 pax.. will it be possible to do a day trip? Another consideration is that we want to go skiing.. so shld we just stay at nagano for 3D2N for snow monkey and to ski or is thr a cheaper place (outside of nagano) to ski?

How do I go from nagano to Mt. Fuji? I'm intending to visit the Lake Kawaguchiko. Shld I short stay at tokyo and do a day trip to Lake Kawaguchiko or just go thr and stay 2D1N?

After Lake Kawaguchiko, I'm intending to head over to kyoto and osaka.. so shld I purchase the 7 days Jr pass for this trip? Or will it be a better alternative for us to rent a car instead? Main thing is we will likely spend 3/4 days going to the theme parks (USJ/Disneyland/sea) at osaka and tokyo so I'm worried that we won't fully utilise the Jr pass.

Lastly, shld we include a 4D3N trip to Hokkaido?
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