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this its a mini tender offer, ya if price no good can just reject

but often more practical to take note and keep track
if suddenly market price become lower, can quickly take the offer before expiry

btw such corporate action, they no call you up to inform u all de meh?
or SCB too many customers nia, so they only issue letter... like that if big offer miss tiao, then super GG sia

The practice is frequently associated with a company called TRC Capital, a private firm founded by a Canadian securities lawyer.[5]

MacKenzie Capital Management, LP, based in Moraga, California, also conducts hundreds of mini-tender offers and SEC registered tender offers each year, but for illiquid limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, and other securities, ones not traded on a national exchange.

The boards of target companies such as Adobe Systems, MetLife, AMD, Ford, and Kimberly-Clark have attempted to counter mini-tenders by issuing recommendations to reject such offers.[6][7][8][5] Brian Lawler of The Motley Fool recommends that investors avoid mini-tender offers.[4]

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