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What is the settlement date? T+3? T+5?
As this is a cash upfront type of account, the cash is already deducted immediately when the trade is done, there is a refresh purchase power thing to the right in your online trading site you can use to see roughly how much purchase power you have.

Do not be fool by the cash you see in your home page, that one will be updated a few days later.

Hi guys, wanna check with you

1. what is the currency exchange fee for trading in US market using SC platform?

2. are there any US stock holding costs?

3. how about the monthly service fees?

4. are the dividends from US stocks subject to 30% tax?

Did you even try to search, this 4 q has been answered many times.
1. Currency exchange rate is +/-0.015 roughly. Horrendous, I know.
2. $0
3. $0
4. Yes
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