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coming from somebody who never owned ipad before (I did borrow my bro's ipad 2 sometime), is ipad air 2 a recommended buy? I tried the unit in store, my only worry is the screen distortion issue and the vibrating chassis issue. Short term it's still okay, but im not sure for long term.

Anybody can give advice?
Screen distortion?

Personally no such experience... So far, I loving it compared to my Greeny counter parts which I used to have.

As for vibration problem, Sadly, there are no fixed, I RMAed my iPad Air 2 for another new and the problem still exist, this is mainly due to the thin Aluminum chassis which Apple uses. Since Air 1, this vibration was around but not as bad as 2.

I seldom on the music and sometimes, I just use a Bluetooth headset to channel the music in.
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