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Screen distortion?

Personally no such experience... So far, I loving it compared to my Greeny counter parts which I used to have.

As for vibration problem, Sadly, there are no fixed, I RMAed my iPad Air 2 for another new and the problem still exist, this is mainly due to the thin Aluminum chassis which Apple uses. Since Air 1, this vibration was around but not as bad as 2.

I seldom on the music and sometimes, I just use a Bluetooth headset to channel the music in.
So the screen distortion probably only happens to some of the units only. But u're quite lucky to get the non-issue model. Screen distortion is that dark spot that appears around the mid-right screen part of the ipad.

I will use my iPad mainly during commuting and browsing at home. During commuting it's okay since will use earphone but during home browsing it will be a pain because I will not use earphone at home. The vibration also makes the sound crack a bit. Actually even my iPhone (and maybe every gadget) will have some vibration if I turn up the volume too high but it won't vibrate the chassis as strong as Air 2.

Are you using case for your Air 2? I would like to know if using a case would help in reducing the vibration.
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