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the PS4 controller like a cui... R2 button failed on TWO of my controllers... have to go to their ubi service centre (ulu) to get it changed.. very waste of time.
Does anyone do any mod to the R2 button?
The reason why that occurs is due to a part of the R2 Plastic breaking. That plastic piece that broke is a metal rod in a PS3 controller, maybe to save costs, they make the whole R2 button a whole plastic piece. To fix it, there are 2 ways.

1) Open ur controller up (search youtube for instructions), take out the spring, then put back the controller, ur controller R2 will be loose but won't anyhow press onto the button. IMO this can be permanent fix depending on how u like the tension of the button. But that said, it doesn't mean the spring is spoilt. The issue remains with a piece of the plastic with the R2 being broken and the spring now acts as a stuck mechanism.

2) Replace the R2 button for cheap, buy the R2 button from ebay, they do ship from China, and replace the button accordingly. No.1 solution can be a temporary fix until the R2 replacement arrives.

Don't bother going down the service center... totally waste time, they don't exchange or remain on the spot, which means u have to go there again for collection, really waste time and they should relocate it somewhere nearer to mrt stations.
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