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cos 2nd hand mah... if got moonies of course u buy new or digital download
can always buy 2nd hand copies at cheaper price in our local game stores or from other sellers who finished their games.
also you can always share with other friends so each person at most pay $20 for a new game then after all finished can always resell it.

Because on carousell, they're selling the games at around $30. Even for popular titles. Sounds like good deal and those sellers got a lot of positive reviews left on their page.

But never bought from them before as am still quite skeptical about how it works.
those digital sellers buy the game from psn using their accounts. then after you pay them they give you user id and pw to login to their accounts then you download the game.

after that i think they will take back the accounts and continue selling to other buyers. there is always a big risk that you will get fraud or scammed.

whether sony will find out or is monitoring, this no one knows.
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