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I finally get it!!
You actually mean that FCY SCB account instead of SCB FCY SSA.
These are 2 different account. One is for trading, the other isn't.
SCB FCY SSA has no minimum requirement or any other thing.
So are you actually trading using SCB FCY SSA which you TT your HKD into?
So you are saying you TT HKD into SCB FCY SSA directly?
or you are saying you TT HKD into SCB FCY account?
Perisher, that's correct. I was asking whether the FCY$aver account is necessary or I can tuse the FCY SSA to hold the USD and avoid needing the USD 2000 balance as required by the FCY$aver.

Since naro can TT to FCY SSA, I believe that outward TT is possibly too, but at 1/8 % comms.
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