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Hey Johnnny and MR crew,

Glad to see a further investment in outreach. Would love to get help on an issue I'm facing. I've already contacted support on this and awaiting a reply still but posting here so we can see if others are having the same issue as well.

I'm currently subscribed to a paid service called NTV which I use to watch live streams in HD or SD for live football and other TV channels from around the world. However I can't seem to keep a stable stream and my connection buffers constantly.

I used to have this similar issue with Twitch as reported months ago, if you see my records and have been working back and forth reporting issues and info about it. The Twitch issue has improved since then so I was hoping you could also look into this. When I turn my paid VPN service on, it stabilises a little bit, but then still buffers which kind of proves that there is a connection issue on our end to the site because the VPN seems to circumvent that.

I hope you guys could please look into the external connection we have to NTV and tweak it a bit to improve the streaming situation like you guys seem to have had with Twitch.

Some info on my configuration:
  • Wired connection to AC66U router
  • Using the default MyRepublic DNS
  • No other noticable connection issues on other sites or services

Thanks and look forward to a solution soon.
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