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I also expect service standard to drop with aggressive marketing but the drop has been too drastic to the point where it is mostly non-existant

When I wanted to recontract I was in limbo for a few months
Well, I guess this is what happen when MR grow too rapidly. MR tried to gain market share as quickly as possible and the best way is through aggressive pricing. However, they simply could not keep up with the demand and ended up killing themselves. Their extremely thin margin means they have limited budget on customer support. This way, they end up losing customers in the long run instead.

IMHO, VQ did the right thing. They position themselves as a premium ISP and with premium pricing. This way, they have fewer customers and they don't kill themselves. They could also deliver better service and keep their customers happy. Since they don't get into a price war, they could still have a healthy profit margin.

I believe this is also why the big 3 don't get into a price war. They will all end up killing themselves. When they see MR having such pricing, they never try to fight with MR but stick with their own pricing instead. I think they already know what will happen to MR later.
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