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Need help with a question.

I passed my ippt for this year's window (till april 2015). I am going for ICT in March 2015 and I read that there is an ippt scheduled during the ICT.

Does it mean that it doesnt matter if I pass or fail since I already cleared?
If I pass(with bronze), do I get an incentive for the second time?
it does not matter if u pass or fail. but your unit will definitely be pressurising you to pass as this reflects the unit's fitness level.

incentives for second time - yes. only if your second time qualifies for a higher award with balance top-up. For example, you had passed and got $200. In your second time you got a silver where the award is $300. It will minus from your $200. Which means u will get the balance of $100.

If you got higher award first, and lower award second, it will be nothing.
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