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Can we transfer SGD e$aver account to FCY SSA ? Or must we really open the min US$2k FCY$aver account?
Here we go again.

No min US$2 or $2k FCY account necessary

Just use ESAVER. It's free, no min, no charges, nothing.
You can use it to transfer between your various SSA account for free, the only charges is the lousy exchange rate.

For trading, only buy/sell cost commission, sec, gst. Other than that, no fees, no nothing. Often, those 3 thing only cost at most a few dollars unless you do trades of 10k++.

Once again, I emphasize, no need USD FCY saver account.
USD FCY SSA is not USD FCY saver account.
You need USD FCY SSA for trading US stocks and keep your USD in it for free, no min, no cost, no custody fee.

USD in USD FCY SSA cannot be cashed out as USD. Someone above tried and failed.

SCB exchange
1000 SGD at 1.377654 to USD. So you get 725.87USD from 1k SGD
1000 USD at 1.352902 to SGD. So you get 1,352.90SGD from 1k USD.

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