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No minimun commission of $25 is apparently the only advantage of using Scb trading and no custodian fee.

Disadvantage is can't contra and must cash upfront, shares cannot go Cdp, can't sell when system down, one day later for dividend, very simple platform, no dedicated broker, can't do oddlot, no mobile app (unless desktop mode), must use Standchart bank account, no research report, weak financial and fundamental of Standchart bank, uncertainty of when no min comm promotion will end, no good till month order type, no stop loss order type, cannot short, free to transfer in shares but expensive to transfer out, no sophisticated tools provided, cannot go egm/agm, need to pass client profiling test every 3 years etc, huge usd Fx spread, cannot use credit card to make payment for shares, cannot apply for ipo, cannot sell early for right issues etc
Sinkie, can use credit card pay for shares?? If that's the case, people earn credit card points like crazy! Did I misunderstand you..
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