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To put it simply, you are right, but I don't exchange my $$ to USD every month. In fact, I exchanged a large amount just a few months ago, excluding the even bigger amount I exchanged when I first started years ago.
You can call me lazy, but I wanna read the IB thread first which is about a hundred pages?

I'm still building my USD to $100k. It's getting there. I will switch a few years down or when I'm energetic enough to understand how IB works?
Please tell me it's damn simple to use? From what I understand, the transferring of funds around is a tad complicated? Like I need a citibank account, need to wire my money from citi to IB? How's the charges?

Also, I would need to manage 2 account since my sg counters are in scb.
how do you keep track of your winnings and losing on an excel sheet for 2 currencies? rather complicated sia....

i been fumbling with that

and to add to the complication, if you exchange SGD=> USD you have different exchange rates.
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