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I'm staying in a resale condo unit which is turning 9 years old. Recently I got air-con service guys to come over and service and they found out that 2 of my aircon units are faulty and beyond repair as compressor is spoilt.

These 2 aircon units are in living hall and bedroom 2 (br2 aircon seldom use) both sharing same compressor. Should I replace these 2 with system 2 as well? Or since all the aircon units are quite old, should I change all units to new ones, including the currently still functioning one in master bedroom?

My living hall, dining area and kitchen is in rectangular shape and is open concept, there is no windows/doors separating the areas. The faulty aircon unit is located in living hall where we watch tv. So when calculating living btu, do i just calculate based on living hall area? Or do I need to include dining area as well?

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