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thanks, I just got the Daikin 3MKS50 with FTKS25 x3 from IMM
rerun new copper and drain pipe
free upgrade to yomato piping 3/8 45m

all in all $2805 include GST

not sure worth it or not.. but the salegirl say Daikin more reliable

so anything to take note when during the installation?
3MK50 = 5kw capacity x 3418 = 17k btu only, if switch on 3 units at same time the compressor works very suffer, no wonder that PCB not last up for long..

Also the price can consider for Starmex inverter that compressor at least bigger than Daikin.

3A28VA = 28k btu the cost including installed at around the same.

Just few month back mine bought from AllBest IMM.

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