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I just got a quote for the following system 4 Daikin inverter.
03x FTKS25 (9,000 btu)
01x FTKS60 (21,600 btu)
01x outdoor unit 4MKS60ESG

-Upgraded to Copper Tubing Gauge 22
-Upgraded to Keystone Electrical Cable
-Armaflex Class1
-PVC Drain Pipe
-Nylex PVC Trunking

All of these for $3970. Is the pricing reasonable?
G22 copper topping how much?

If you not consealed piping, but upgrade to G22 very useless..
The pipe just expose at outside less than 20cm for connected to compressor only.

Look like 4MK60ESG really lower capacity than 3MK71 compressor

I though Daikin will package with 4MK80ESG for more power.

60 = 20k btu only
71 = 24k btu
80 = 27k btu

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