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To thinkhardhard,

You have any floorplan?
I can estimate the btu requirements for you.
How often you switch on Aircon for daily basic?

If you don't mind for higher untility bill then just repair it for some time needs and turn on for while.

If you has consider using everyday for bedroom then go with inverter Sys 2 for 24k in living hall & 12k or 10k for bedroom.

Cause inverter really help the bill cut down into half.
hi terumo, kimsim, thanks for your advice. I checked with the aircon service company boss, he confirmed that my aircon cannot be repaired as it's some issue with the compressor.

my floorplan doesn't show any measurements. I measured already, living hall+ dining is around 600cm x 360. The bedroom is around 250cmx250.

the aircon service company boss said as my current piping is based on r22, he advise me to choose units that use r22 as the current piping may not be able to tahan higher pressure of r410a and there is a risk of leakage. having said that, he helped other homes installed new r410a blowers on existing piping that were used for r22 units, and so far no problem.

is it true that for my case, it is not advisable to get r410 units?

also, he said if i were to get r22, he only have daikin and is a non-inverter model. that sounds like i have no choice? or should i go for single unit (assuming there is r22 + inverter type)??
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