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Why not ntu? Nbs
the new S/U policy for NUS to be honest is kind of unfair in that sense hahah.. assuming an average person taking 5 modules... naturally assimilating into uni life.. it is quite hard.. once again for an average person to get all 5 A's... so if one were to get 4 As and 1 B... that person can exclude the B from the computation of his CAP/GPA.. therefore resulting in a perfect CAP/GPA of 5/4.. the Year 1 Sem1/Sem2 S/U policy that NUS offers is really a 2nd chance to buck up. NTU's S/U policy is very different and almost useless for core modules.

so this is one factor for applicants to consider when applying for uni until NTU & SMU implements the same policy.

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