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the new S/U policy for NUS to be honest is kind of unfair in that sense hahah.. assuming an average person taking 5 modules... naturally assimilating into uni life.. it is quite hard.. once again for an average person to get all 5 A's... so if one were to get 4 As and 1 B... that person can exclude the B from the computation of his CAP/GPA.. therefore resulting in a perfect CAP/GPA of 5/4.. the Year 1 Sem1/Sem2 S/U policy that NUS offers is really a 2nd chance to buck up. NTU's S/U policy is very different and almost useless for core modules.

so this is one factor for applicants to consider when applying for uni until NTU & SMU implements the same policy.
If I'm not wrong, not all modules can be SU'd over at NUS and if you were to get 4As and 1B, after SU'ing that B, your GPA isn't 5.00 because of the way the GPA is being computed. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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