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To thinkhardhard,

Safest option is to run new pipes for your new system using r410a gas.
If your current piping was runing trucking and better die die go with R410a gas and reruns new piping for energy saving.

No matter how of the R22 inverter unit really phase out already.. Not longer to be selling again, at that time of R22 gas would be runing low stock and the price will be much higher than R410a.

Your living room can fit with 18k or 13k btu good than enough, also bedroom stick with 10k is ok.
Hmm, i stay in condo so all piping are concealed. If i go with new pipe, means have to hack, install, patch back and paint? i suppose this will incur significantly higher cost right?

is it possible to do a pressure test on existing piping to check if it can tahan r410a gas?

i was asking the aircon service company boss about r22, he told me although by right it will be phased out next year, till now they have not heard any news. i wonder how true.

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