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im torn between panasonic sys 4 and mitsubishi starmex...the panansonic sys 4 comes at 3600 (plus 200 ntuc voucher). 22 piping, and 1/2inch insulation, 16mm pipes. best price ive seen after searching up..starmex comes to about 3850

im just wondering if starmex is just all advertisement. if panasonic is equally good in quality then no point going mainstream

400 dollars )with the ntuc vouhcers is substantially cheaper...and from what i hear panasonic is as good as mitsu (from 3/4 aircon fellows ive talked to who say mitsu is just marketed mroe)
Don't compare to quality of made by Pana..

If the Aircon man after take out & services they will realise what Pana pvc grade and parts made by.

After look at ME starmex internal FCU design structure and parts compartment, guaranty you won't look back on Pana again.
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