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Deciding to go for the panasonic inverter over the mitsubishi.
The guy said both just as good and the panasonic have the negative ion.
He said panasonic is slightly cheaper cos they spend less on marketing.

I'm deciding whether to go for a 4 system 1 compressor set up or (2 system 2 compressor) x 2 set up.
The house is 2 bedroom 950sqft. It has existing aircon unit in each bedroom and 2 units in the living/dining area. Personally, I think 1 aircon unit in the living/dining area is enough. But the guy told me I should follow the old configuration better because of the conceal piping. So I'll leave the piping and change the aircon only.

The 4 system 1 compressor
$3,500 (+ extended warranty)

The (2 system 2 compressor) X 2
$4,300 (+ extended warranty)

I only scared the 4 system 1 compressor might not be enough.. Or am I over thinking?

Sorry if I'm not clear about the specs.. first time buying aircon
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