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Got the answer from the service team. My midea is under power. 21k btu is not enough to power on 3 9k btu fancoil. That why not cold and noisy. They tell me that there is nothing to be done. The SA told me that turn on 2 aircon first after then turn on the last aircon so all will be cold but it didnt worked at all. Buy cheap aircon end up waste more. Now my aircon cannot be change. Some more the service guy also telling me that starmex nowadays also facing similar problem, so buy cheap or ex still the same. So mit /midea support here or mit / midea promoter or mit /midea SA stop confusing buyer.
Sure or not?
Mit Starmex got 3 type compressor?
2E20VA for 2 FCU
3A28VA for 3 FCU now I've using it, so far never facing got underpower an issue.
4A28VA suitable for 4 room HDB flat.
4A38VA if 5 room type HDB flat recommended.

But I dunno how you guy, when for new purchase.

That is why have to do more research user feedback 1st.
Something that brand selling much cheaper was the issue at behind.

I Guess would be MHI.
Got it problem, call underpower. Lol
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