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Went to GC and got confused.

My original plan was to replace the aircon blower and compressor and leave the piping.
SA told me that I need to follow the existing aircon configuration.
For Eg. I wanted system 4. But if the existing system is system 2 X 2, I need to follow it back to system 2 X 2 and cannot anyhow switch to system 4.

Also, I need to follow the same power of the blower.
Eg. If bedroom existing blower was 9k, I cannot change it to a 12k blower. Because it will still have the 9k output as the piping/power is only configured to 9k?
Want to check with you, the existing pipeline was non-inverter? Or what, they use back the existing pipe?

One more thing the existing compressor 2 units was place at same place or what.

New inverter system 4, for the 9k & 13k btu both are same copper pipe gas & liquid size.

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