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Nacht, I don't really believe in a religion, but am very curious.

My parents have been bringing me to temples since young and always make me drink the talisman water and shower with some flowers brought back from temples? What are those for? Also, my dad will sometimes go pluck a stalk of leaves called sio liu and make us shower with it. Is it to ward of bad luck and to offer protection?

My family goes to temple regularly and always pray/make offerings downstairs whenever there is some 'event', but I don't have any statues or altars at home. Is the family in any way still 'protected'?

Also, I've been an Ah Neo Kwa Kia, if I'm not wrong loosely translates to Godson of Goddess of Mercy since I was young. Does that mean she watches over me?

Will spirits only be seen by people who have special abilities or the third eye?

Lastly, do we really need protection from malicious spirits if we don't kajiao them? What if I got go temples pray with my family but my mentality is that I don't believe? Will the gods close one eye and still help me if something were to happen?

Sorry for all the amateurish and selfish questions. I know nothing about this topic and would just like to find out more.

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