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I applied to NTU English (GPA 10th percentile: 3.34) with a GPA of 3.09 through NAA. Under achievements, I listed winning a martial arts competition, an international creative competition (advertising category), and also indicated that I am an active volunteer at my constituency's weekly meet-the-people session. Additionally, a lecturer and my MP (who I'm volunteering with) wrote my appraisals.

Can anyone comment on my odds of securing an interview at the very least?
Your GPA is pretty far. But I think you might have a small chance. NTU english seems to be the easiest HSS course to get into at the moment. But due to the small sizes of HSS cohorts, the IGP fluctuation can be pretty high. All it takes is just 10 more students with good grades to apply for English for the IGP to shoot up. So it really is up to luck.
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