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Okay gonna propose an addition:

Ji Ji Wai Wai / JJWW : (Taiwanese slang) 唧唧歪歪/叽叽歪歪 used to lambast a person for making comments/whines/complaints over a situation he/she has no power against or has no place to do so. Also written as 鸡鸡歪歪 in edmw. Also acronymed as zzyy.

The phrase was made famous on the fateful night of 18 Mar 2015 (when rumors were flying about the demise of Mr Lee, SiaoKau369 started a thread to ask HWZ mods to cooperate with Police about those who spend fake news about LKY death.... Moderator Kiwi8 entered thread to leave a message before locking thread:
Our admins will do the necessary action as required to cooperate with the police, no need u to ji ji wai wai.
The spread of the term was exacerbated when icansing started another thread to poke fun of this spar of words between SiaoKau369 and Kiwi8: "construct a sentence using the 成语 鸡鸡歪歪" "ji ji wai wai"" by using the Mandarin phrase 鸡鸡歪歪" which is a homophone with ji ji wai wai but literally means ""kkj is crooked".

As the term was not locally origined nor a recognized phrase in the standard modern Mandarin, there were much confusion about the meaning of ji ji wai wai, and it is commonly mistaken to be an instance of the phrase "ji bai" (See explanation for ch** bye) .

Also similar to the term kao bei Kao bu (kpkb), although there are minute difference in the shades of their meaning.

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