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Any experts playing bloodboil (bloodborne) here? New to this game and Any good tips on boss fights? Its frustrating when you die in 1 or 2 hits and you have to fight all the way back. The loading part make it worse.
just beat him yesterday as well, this also my 1st souls game
level up your stats and your weapon 1st, everyone recommends going for vitality>endurance>strength or skill depending on your weapon
open the shortcut to the bridge through the house from the central yharnam lamppost 1st (the locked gate on the left from central yharnam lamppost) so that don't need to travel very far everytime

if you're willing to spend your molotovs then go use, if have oil urns even better

when it's on not rage mode (eyes red) try shooting the head, lock on then move the right stick again to lock to head, few times it can go into countered state as if you gun countered him and do visceral attack

1 thing most important is to keep calm and don't be greedy with attacks
always play hit and run

edit: somewhat spoiler-ish but if still having trouble, go to
and get the armor there, so you don't need to buy armor from hunter's dream
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