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Some connectivity updates using ASUS RT-AC3200 using SingTel Fiber 500M and lower that requires VLAN tagging.

After some extensive checks and highlighted by Nanoflag, ASUS RT-AC3200 is affected by the LAN GE port 1 with limited or no connectivity when the SingTel profile are in used resulting not able to establish Internet connectivity.

GE port 2, 3 and 4 (MIO TV STB port) are not affected.

SingTel Fiber users can continue to use the ASUS RT-3200 by connecting via GE port 2

ASUS has been make aware and I will provide new updates when I have the info.


New updates ~ 28/03/2015

ASUS will be releasing a new firmware for ASUS RT-AC3200 which resolves SingTel IPTV LAN connectivity issues very soon.

So SingTel Mio/SingTel Others remain as status quo like other ASUS routers SKUs.

SingTel Mio

1). LAN1 -> Internet
2). LAN2 -> Internet
3). LAN3 -> Voice (2Wire/Aztech)
4). LAN4 -> MIO STB

SingTel Others

1). LAN1 -> Internet
2). LAN2 -> Internet
3). LAN3 -> Internet
4). LAN4 -> MIO STB

This firmware release is out of ASUS's usual debugging/bug fix firmware cycles and it's meant for SingTel Fiber 500Mbps and under AC3200 users only to resolve SingTel IPTV LAN connectivity issues urgently.

The next ASUS AC3200 official firmware will include this fix as well.

If you are not on SingTel Fiber 500Mbps/300Mbps/200Mbps plan, (i.e. SingTel 1Gbps, StarHub, M1, MyRepublic and ViewQwest), this firmware is not applicable to you.

Stay tuned on this thread for the release


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