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I took a gap year after graduating from a poly last year because I could not get into NTU/NUS. Since then, I have travelled for a few months and I have been on an internship at NIE Office of Education Research. I have decided that I will apply for universities again this year and I really hope to get into NUS FASS.

With a cGPA of 3.70, L1R4:5 & L1R5:7, a good CCA track record with multiple leadership roles, what are my chances of getting into NUS FASS?

p.s, I have received a call from SMU for an interview with the School of Social Sciences and I will be attending my interview the following week (after postponing it due to some work issues).

Their 10th percentile is 3.76 if I am not wrong. I would say 30-40% chance, considering your stellar O level results. You must however, ensure that you draft a really good admissions essay that can put people in awe, if you wish to secure an interview via Discretionary admission.

Don't forget about your referrals and recommendations too. Good Luck.
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