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I took a gap year after graduating from a poly last year because I could not get into NTU/NUS. Since then, I have travelled for a few months and I have been on an internship at NIE Office of Education Research. I have decided that I will apply for universities again this year and I really hope to get into NUS FASS.

With a cGPA of 3.70, L1R4:5 & L1R5:7, a good CCA track record with multiple leadership roles, what are my chances of getting into NUS FASS?

p.s, I have received a call from SMU for an interview with the School of Social Sciences and I will be attending my interview the following week (after postponing it due to some work issues).
Why didnt you just enter one of NUS's courses and than attempt to transfer?
Could have gotten a few credits as well if your transfer attempt was successful
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