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Hey! How's the interview like? What are the questions asked? May I contact you for more details of the interview?
The setting is a group interview (2 professors to 4-5 candidates)

You will be given 20 minutes to read an article, following which the candidates will proceed to a room for the actual interview. The topic of my article was regarding female conscription in Singapore.

The professors will then invite the candidates to give a short introduction about themselves.

After the introductions, candidates will be asked to give an opening statement with regards to the article. The rest of the interview will then flow with each of the candidates' rebuttals of one another. The professors hardly jumped in during my interview, my guess is that they wish to see how candidates can perform under such a setting whereby the students take control of the discussion.

Candidates will then be asked to give a closing statement, followed by a Q&A segment with the professors.

That's pretty much about it. Don't worry if you aren't naturally outspoken; each candidate will receive their fair share of stage time.

All the best!
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