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NTU NBS interview + essay writing tmr... :/ quite worried about it because I don't really have a clue about how the interview will be like (group/one to one?) and how they'd rate my essay! Anyone here who has already gone to nbs interview?

Btw idk if it makes a difference but I'm an A level student. H2 CME AAB. H1 geog A. Gp E(lol sian). Pw B.
Hello...I think what you really need to do is to speak coherently at the interview. I did my interview in 2013 and is admitting this year. Maybe I can share a few possible qn that they may ask.

1. Why is ur gp grade an E. What would u do to improve it? (Actual qn asked except it was abt my O levels English which was a B3 - poly grad)

2. In what ways can you contribute to NTU/NBS?

3. Applied to any other uni and which will u accept if u receive more than 1 offer?

The essay qn is usually generic qn like what is ur aspiration, what is ur ambition, along those lines.

All the best!

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