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Updated the firmware successfully. Powered off the router, Mio TV and ONT. Powered on the ONT, followed by the router and lastly the Mio TV. After waiting for the Mio TV to fully load up, I am happy to say that it is now working again at Port 4.

I then connect my switch to port 1 (previously on port 2) and it's working as well.
Lan 1, 2 and 3 are all working now.

I do not have Mio Voice, so I can't test whether Lan 3 works for it.

Quite happy with this beta firmware, though I have not tested the Smart Connect yet as I prefer to assign my devices to the individual channels manually to get its maximum speed.
Glad it's working for you now

Just ignore the notification yellow exclamation mark to upgrade the firmware. This fix will be incorporate into the next ASUS official AC3200 firmware.

Mind telling me what is your SingTel ONT brand? Ericsson, Alcatel or ZTE? I'm trying to concur some findings
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