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Updated the beta firmware, however the MIO TV is struck at loading page, no TV program shown..
From what i have gathered, looks like SingTel issued ZTE ONT are affected with ASUS RT-AC3200.

SingTel issued Ericsson ONT (which I'm using) and Alcatel ONT (another tester uses it) have tested this beta firmware more than once on our SingTel Fiber 500M/300M.

Firstly, what is your brand of your SingTel ONT? If ZTE, you have to contact SingTel to replace it that comes with a newer firmware or alternatively opt for Alcatel ONT. Ericsson ONT should be already EOL. Or get a smart switch to manage the SingTel VLAN tagging.

If not ZTE ONT, please detail your setup process again, so we can have a look @ it again.

P.S ~> Guile has just posted and he has no issues using this SingTel beta firmware on his AC3200 on his SingTel Fiber.

Yes, I have off everything and restart accordingly.

There is a new firmware notification after I installed the beta firmware..
Just ignore the notification yellow exclamation mark to upgrade the firmware. This fix will be incorporate into the next ASUS official AC3200 firmware.
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