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I would like to have some feedback on this app on iPad.

I do not own an iPad. I need something on the go, so that I can access my Windows work laptop in office and do work (when I am on standby, which is once every 4 weeks). The application that I normally use on my work laptop are putty, RDP, Office, ect. I would like to know if this is suitable for my usage? When I am not on standby, I will use it for reading, surfing, ect when I am on the go.

I am actually thinking to buy a Windows 8.1 10" tablet for this purpose. But after much research, I find that there are still many issues with Windows tablet, especially those PRC brands.

I have not use Parallels access extensively, firstly i think access is something like remote desktop, so to access your windows work laptop you laptop have to be on with access application active as well.

Next nothing much will change as basically you are having an image of your laptop on the ipad. Connectivity is one of the main issue, you need to have pretty stable connectivity on both ends (ipad & laptop).

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