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Yes, I have off everything and restart accordingly.

There is a new firmware notification after I installed the beta firmware..
Oh well... Lets wait for others to see if they face the same problem.. If not, try resetting nvram by holding down WPS when powering on..
Dear Ptey,

Just press No to upgrade

Best regard,
What I meant is there is a new firmware notification after the beta firmware update but didn't press anything and the MIO TV doesn't work. And the Lan port 1 also not working at the same time. I have to use back my RT-AC68 to have them work again. So I have to keep my RT-AC3200 in the box again.
Yes done that and is still the same.
OK sorry have make a mistake on the position of the Lan ports. Now the router work flawlessly for me. Thanks for all the helps!!!
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